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What Lucibus offers at the time of subscription

... here's what you'll have available with the small contribution requested ...

 INTRODUCTION: since it is starting now and you can not know what the feedback of Lucibus will be in the face of a request for payment of services, for now I decided to get to the end of the year and then see whether or not to continue (will depend , in fact, from the quantity of subscriptions).
For this reason, the subscriptions will expire on December 31, 2018.
During the year I will update you on the state of things.

 Each month costs 6 euros. You can start any time of the year.
The subscription must be made for a minimum period of two months and the data entered in the cloud will be kept until the following year. Then they will be deleted. Anyway, you can request a copy.

 Each serial number is a user-license and who has a parallel system is equivalent to the normal user because it will give me only the master number.

 Remember that the program needs a permanent internet connection, both to send data and to avoid fraudulent use.

 You can view your graphs via LUCICLOUD and use LUCIAPP for up to two devices per inverter.

 You will have direct support within 12 hours of requesting help.   Available way : Mail - Private Message on forum - Whatsapp

 The only sore point: I'm not a software house and I'm managing everything by myself. So if "takes me a shot" know that the whole cabin stops and you can not get your money back because nobody keeps the bills (if not me)!

 THE CHOICE OF THE ANNUAL PAYMENT HAS BEEN VERY SUFFERED. Lucibus does not have a fixed cost. Connecting to the cloud (as already mentioned for both technical reasons and protection against fraudulent use), the whole system has annual and not one-off costs. For this reason it was decided to drastically lower the price in favor of a more rational income that IN ALL CASES COVER PRACTICALLY ONLY THE EXPENSES.
As you have seen, however, the annual cost is really low. There is talk of 20 cents a day ...
Virtually the program and its services are basically free.
You already know that I do everything as a hobby and if I had to ask a figure proportional to the time dedicated to Lucibus we would have been on the order of at least 500 euros per license .... which is absolutely impossible!
I am sure that you will understand my modus-operandi in terms of subscription.

  A.   LUCIBUS 2.x
For 2.x we mean all the versions belonging exclusively to the major release 2.
Use of the LUCIBUS software on your PC, in terms of a copy for each used inverter and in any case connected to the natural or legal person subscribing, henceforth called "subscriber user".
This copy will be distinguished by the serial number of the inverter, communicated to the developer and responsible for Lucibus (henceforth referred to as the "author"), who will place it on a white list.
The software will not in any case be owned by the subscriber, who will only be able to use it until the end of the subscription period.
Based on what is said in the second paragraph, each subscription is linked to a single number of inverters. Users of parallel inverters are equivalent to those with normal users.
In case of scrapping and/or sale of the inverter to third parties, the new purchaser loses the right of use to LUCIBUS and to the programs and / or services connected to it and nothing is due to the seller for the remaining residual period.
The remaining subscription period in favor of the transferor can be used by indicating a new number of inverters.
In any case, nothing is due to the transferor for the remaining period remaining in case of non-use.

  B.   LUCICLOUD 1.x
For 1.x we mean all the versions belonging exclusively to the major release 1.
What has been said in point A is intended to be extended to the use of LUCICLOUD, through web access to the personalized page
The data (personal and calls to the inverter) stored in the server in charge are subject to the current privacy regulations.
There is no backup of such data. The author assumes no responsibility whatsoever - and therefore nothing is due - in case of partial or total loss of information recorded during the subscription period.

  C.   LUCIAPP 1.x
For 1.x we mean all the versions belonging exclusively to the major release 1.
What has been said in points A and B is intended to be extended to the use of LUCIAPP, by downloading and installing it on a smartphone or tablet.
It is possible to have two LUCIAPP connections available for each inverter.
If the IOS version is marked by a different release number from the Android version, the number of the latter will be considered valid, to which the iOS version will refer to all the technical, administrative and legal issues.

The subscription has the value of donation, as the amount requested is exclusively dedicated to covering the costs of the services designed to make LUCIBUS work.
These services are identified in the rent of the cloud space (virtual server) and in the administrative and technical management of the cloud itself as well as subscriptions.
In this regard, the author, pursuant to art. 47 D.P.R. 28.12.2000, n. 445 of italian law, declares:
  • to be an occasional and non-professional seller who sells goods and services in a very sporadic and occasional way;
  • to sell objects of their own creation, intended as a creative work, without the need for administrative authorization pursuant to art. 4 paragraph II letter h) of Legislative Decree 114/98 and subsequent amendments;
  • to sell items that fall within their personal sphere with a value not exceeding € 258.23 / each;
  • not having been declared bankrupt;
  • not to professionally carry out any commercial activity;
  • that there are no grounds for prohibition, forfeiture or suspension pursuant to art. 10 of the Law 31.05.1965, n. 575 and s.m.i. (anti-mafia legislation).

  E.   COSTS
For 2018, the subscription has a cost of € 6 per month; can be made until December 31 of the same year and for a minimum period of two months.
The yearly subscriptors will have a discount and will pay €66 (instead of €72).
In case of early termination, nothing is due to the subscriber.

The software production is carried out during the free time of the author and for this reason does not fall within the normal remuneration fees (see point D). For the same reason no accompanying tax document can be issued.
The author reserves - in any case and without expiry - any right of ownership and use of the code that, therefore,never will be be in the public domain.
Any tampering, fraudulent use, reverse engineering or any other act done with negligence and / or fraud, in order to obtain code or information such as to be made public or used for personal enrichment purposes, will be prosecuted according to law, according to what is specified by the criminal law and by the applicable regulations on the protection of intellectual property and copyright.

Lucibus and all other services are managed by the author as the only person responsible for the operation. In this regard and for obvious reasons the author can not be held responsible for malfunctions or blocking of services, both in the event of interruption by suppliers, either for his death or illness and / or for reasons beyond the control of the author. Also in this case nothing is due to the subscriber user.
The author does not recognize any kind of guarantee for the software product and for the documentation related to it, which are provided "as is".
There is, therefore, no warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including, without limitation, the implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose or those that exclude the infringement of the rights of others.
The entire risk arising from the use or performance of the software product remains the responsibility of the user.
The latter will also be liable for any special, accidental, indirect or consequential damages (including, without limitation, damages for loss or loss of profit, interruption of activity, loss of information or other economic losses, resulting from the use or from the inability to use the software product).

In order to avoid fraudulent use of the program, the author reserves the right to carry out automatic and / or manual checks on the data sent by the user to the cloud server.
The author will then be aware of the type of computer used, operating system, mac address and anymore information else that serves to identify the user unequivocally.
The data referred to in paragraph 2 will not be disclosed to third parties for any reason and will be subject to the regulations in force on privacy.
At any time the cancellation of all personal data from the archives belonging to homoandroidus and to the other domains belonging to the author may be requested; this entails the loss of any use rights to all programs subject to subscription.
The author reserves the right - against the user - to deny ab-origine or to interrupt at any time the use of LUCIBUS and services connected to it.
This decision takes place at the sole discretion of the author and without the possibility of litigation in the following cases:
1. When any kind of technical necessities does not permit the hosting of user data.
2. When the user makes an incorrect or fraudulent use of the programs and / or services connected to Lucibus.
3. When the user expresses an attitude that is not appropriate to common sense, to education and to seriousness

A free trial of LUCIBUS and its other related software and services can be carried out to it.
This test has a duration of 30 days, at the end of which the operation can be guaranteed only upon payment of the subscription.
At the end of the trial period and payment of the subscription made, no refund requests will be accepted.
The period, in fact, is long enough to make sure that the subscriber user can make sure that the programs and services offered are to their liking and above all appropriate to the hardware and networking configuration of their PC.

LUCIBUS, in order to operate correctly at the time of installation, needs a minimum configuration, which is based on the following resources:
  • Windows Seven or Windows 10 operating system
  • I2 processor (dual core)
  • 4 Gb Ram
  • 20 GB Hard-disk
  • Video resolution 1024 x 768
  • Permanent internet connection
Before subscribing, the user must make sure that he has a configuration equal to or greater than the one described above.
We do not accept claims of malfunctions of LUCIBUS on your PC that has even one of the resources lower than the above.

For any controversy inherent in the foregoing, is competent the Court of Rome (Italy).

I declare that I have read and fully accepted the INFORMATION ABOUT SUBSCRIPTION above.


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